Next Meeting: September 26, 2019 
     9:30am-12 noon  at Molly's home.  
         Come share a morning of  creativity, comradery and coffee

Quilters usually meet in member's homes on the fourth Thursday of the month at 9:30am until noon. Any guild member, novice or expert, is welcome. In general,  meetings have a combined focus. We share our work, motivate each other, problem solve together, mentor those new to the craft and provide opportunities to learn something new. Jump in or simply watch; participation is always at your comfort level. Come for the quilting; come for the friendship. 


 What an exciting year we have planned for Quilters. We had our first meeting this week and began the preliminary discussion for our charity quilt this year. The quilt focuses on star patterns utilizing a pop of color amid a black and white field…”Black, White and A Friend”. We experimented with light and dark effects and the development of secondary patterns. We had a great morning. Our plan for the next few months will be to review/introduce star patterns, including quick methods for their components and use these with our black/white/friend palette.   Come join us and watch this quilt develop. Happy Quilting.  Anna

For information, email Anna:  craftguildofiowacity@gmail.com.