Welcome to Weavers:
Meetings on ZOOM platform

The Weavers Group meets at the Guild House August-November, January-May on the 4th Tuesday evening at 7:30 P.M. The August meeting is usually at a member's house.  Weavers not only enjoy the structure and creativity of the craft, but the support and camaraderie that the group provides.  May your warps be straight and true and your wefts be spicy. Please join us!

Interested in Weaving Classes? Contact Cathy Willoughby to learn more or to sign up for 2019 or 2020 classes. 

WEAVERS PROGRAMS 2019-2020      

August 27: 6:00PM Potluck Supper at Betty Huttner's, 5 Glendale Circle, Iowa City 

September 24: "A New Way to Do Name Drafting" Deb Zeitler &  David Larabee-Zierath.

Instead of assigning letters/numbers/colors etc. to threads on individual harnesses, the letters are assigned to blocks in a weave structure.  This name drafting technique avoids the use of incidental threads and may be used with any block weave. 

October 20-21: Louise French Workshop:    "Weave from your Stash-Designing and Weaving Mixed Warp Scarves"

October 22:  Guest Speaker:  Louise French.  "Fiber in My Hands"   Louise's life's Journey with fiber art and an overview of painted-warp silk dyeing. 

November 26:  "Boundless Possibilities in Boundweave" Vicki Tardy.  Boundweave is a weft-faced weave that follows a set treadling sequence. Find out how to apply this technique to a number of different threadings and create fun designs for wall hangings, rugs and pillows.

No December Meeting

January 28:  "Rigid Heddle Weaving-A simple Alternative to the Harness Loom"  John Ward, Jackie Nemecek, Stephanie VanHousen.                                                This will include an introduction to the loom, how to warp it, demo on how to weave on it and examples of finished projects. If you have any finished projects that you wove on a rigid heddle loom, please bring them to share.

February 25:  "Parallel Threadings" Lois Lembke.                                          Come learn what a parallel threading is and what you can do with it.

March 24:  "Guest Speaker: Joanna Schanz.  "Willow Basketry of the Amana Colonies"  Joanna is the author of two books on willow baskets.

April 28:  "Guest Speaker: Bill Panther.  "Local Connection to el Salitre Womens and Childrens Center" A Guatamalan Textile Program

May 26:  "Fan Reeds and Ondule Textiles: Dorothy Jacobsen, Vicki Tardy. This is an adventure story on creative ingenuity and collaboration. 

               Challenge Show and Tell

"Bust your Stash"--Weave a project without purchasing any new yarn; combine small amounts of leftover bits as needed to make a finished item and clean out your stash in the process. YAY!

Join our Spring Sample Workshop!

Weaving Study Group

This fall, the Study Group will begin their study of Rosallie Neilson's book "An Exaltation of Blocks".   The group meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at the guild house. All members are welcome. 
For information, contact Lois Lembke at lois-lembke@uiowa.edu 


Tapestry Weaving Study Group

If you're interested in Tapestry Weaving, Join our study group: Contact Nancy Granner or Stephanie Van Housen.

Show and Tell: Always Fun.


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